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Performance of an LPD prototype detector at MHz frame rates under Synchrotron and FEL radiation
EuXFEL staff
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X-Ray Photon Diagnostics
Detector Development
A MHz frame rate X-ray area detector (LPD – Large Pixel Detector) is underdevelopment by the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory for the European XFEL. The detector willhave 1 million pixels and allows analogue storage of 512 images taken at 4.5 MHz in thedetector front end. The LPD detector has 500 µm thick silicon sensor tiles that are bump bondedto a readout ASIC. The ASIC’s preamplifier provides relatively low noise at high speed whichresults in a high dynamic range of 105 photons over an energy range of 5-20 keV. Small scaleprototypes of 32x256 pixels (LPD 2-Tile detector) and 256x256 pixels (LPD supermoduledetector) are now available for X-ray tests.The performance of prototypes of the detector is reported for first tests undersynchrotron radiation (PETRA III at DESY) and Free-Electron-Laser radiation (LCLS atSLAC). The initial performance of the detector in terms of signal range and noise, radiationhardness and spatial and temporal response are reported. The main result is that the 4.5 MHzsampling detection chain is reliably working, including the analogue on-chip memory concept.The detector is at least radiation hard up to 5 MGy at 12 keV. In addition the multiple gainconcept has been demonstrated over a dynamic range to 104 at 12 keV with a readout noiseequivalent to <1 photon rms in its most sensitive mode.
London, Inst. of Physics, 2013
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J. Instrum., 8, C11001 (2013)
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DOI: 10.1088/1748-0221/8/11/C11001
WOS: WOS:000329193500001
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15th International Workshop on Radiation Imaging Detectors, IWORID, Paris, 2013-06-23 - 2013-06-27, France


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