At the end of November 2010 the Extreme Conditions Beamline (ECB) P02.2 at PETRA III received first beam. In the following weeks we guided the beam over the monochromator into the experimental hutch and onto the laser heating experimental setup. Within this paper we present initial results on monochromator calibration, beam profile and flux measurements of the unfocused beam in comparison to the predicted values. The incident beam was focused with Compound Refractive Lenses (CRL). Powder diffraction images of the CeO2 diffraction standard (NIST) were collected in air and the diamond anvil cell (DAC) on an amorphous silicon area detector bonded with a CsI scintillator from Perkin Elmer. Good diffraction patterns in the DAC were reached in 1 sec collection time. We will discuss the implication of these first results for the possibility of collecting diffraction patterns in sub seconds to conducted time resolved diffraction experiment.Finally, we give an outlook on the further commissioning of the Laser Heating (LH) experiment and the still to be build General Purpose (GP) experimental setup during the next six month. In the fall of 2011 the Extreme Conditions Beamline in start full user operation.