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Technical Design Report: Scientific Instrument MID
This technical design report (TDR) for the Materials Imaging and Dynamics (MID) scientific instrument at the European XFEL is based on the previous conceptual design report (CDR). The scope of the TDR is to present the current status of the technical design of the MID instrument. The report includes a description of the tunnel installations and the environment in the experiment hall, an outline of the MID X-ray hutches and optical laser installations, and the design of the beam transport system and X-ray optics, as well as specifications for the required instrumentation, detectors, X-ray diagnostics, and data acquisition systems. Our goal is to provide the user community from 2016 onwards with X-ray laser beams of unprecedented intensity and coherence in a scientific instrument optimized for materials science experiments. Due to the complex nature of the work, the picture presented in this TDR is necessarily incomplete and subject to changes. Nevertheless, the document indicates where we are heading by clearly defining functions and giving technical specifications of all components.
Hamburg, Germany, European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Facility GmbH, 2013
Journal Information:
10.3204/XFEL.EU/TR-2013-005 (2013)
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XFEL.EU TR-2013-005
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Technical Reports


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